Recent Calls
Tue. Feb 14th 2017
Brush Fire On Red Hill Rd In Martic Township.

At 1502hrs the 58 Volunteers were dispatched for a Brush Fire on Red Hill Rd in Martic Township. Brush 58 went responding wit...

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Fri. Feb 10th 2017
Vehicle Accident Involving Tractor Trailer In Drumore Township.

Late morning at 1139hrs the 58 Volunteers along with Rescue 57 (Quarryville) were dispatched for a Vehicle Accident Involving...

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Sat. Feb 4th 2017
Working Brush fire In Martic Township.

At 1421hrs the 58 Volunteers were dispatched for a Brush Fire on Old Holtwood Rd in Martic Township. Assistant 58 (K.Boyer) w...

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News Headlines
Fri. Jan 27th 2017
2017 Line Officers

Chief - Carl Strickler Jr.Deputy - Rich FuhrmanAssistant - Kevin BoyerCaptain - Dave Walter Sr.Lieutenant 1 - Matt WatsonLieu...

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Tue. Mar 15th 2016
2016 Line Officers

Chief- Carl Strickler Jr.Deputy- Rich FuhrmanAssistant- Kevin BoyerCaptain- Dave Walter Sr.Lieutenant 1- Matt WatsonLieutenan...

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Mon. Apr 14th 2014
Beef Raffle Winners!!!

We would like to announce this year's Beef Raffle Winners:1st Place: David Bravo2nd Place: Duane Hart3rd Place: Chris Smi...

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2017 Apparatus Totals

Engine 58-1      22

Engine 58-2      23

Tanker 58         11

Brush 58           7

Squad 58-1        4

Squad 58-2        14

Squad 58-3         7

Boat 58-1          

Boat 58-2          

Boat 58-3        

Special Unit 58 

2017 Township Totals

Martic      21      

Providence      10    

Drumore       12   

East Drumore          

Mutual Aid Runs     14

Total           57          

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